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School on Wheels (a bus) going from place to place


Going to school is a requirement for every child. How else does the child get introduced to the many wonderful aspects of life and the activities or fields that can be pursued to make a living or as a passion

Who would tell a child, whose parents are engaged in daily struggle to earn bread and butter for the family, that there is a chance of finding something that it has an inherent affinity for, at a place called school. Who would tell a child who is reluctant to go to school on account of finding some aspect in schooling difficult, that there are umpteen number of other aspects that it would come across in schooling, that it may find enjoyable.

Who would tell parents, whose struggle is in making a living, that sending their child to a school would be the greatest contribution that they can make for their child. How can an uneducated parent convince the child that going to school would be beneficial for its future.

Our Effort

SCHOOL ON WHEELS was started with the objective of creating interest in schooling, in children belonging to poor and downtrodden families, living in slums, settlements and villages by giving them an opportunity to taste of the joy of schooling. It targets children who have never gone to school, children who show disinterest in going to school as well as children who have dropped out of school.


School on wheels is a comprehensive class room environment replicated in a bus and equipped with all the material, furniture, books, charts, toys, playing equipment, etc., that are used in school predominantly at the primary level.

The equipment is designed so as to enables children learn about colors, shapes, letters and numbers with little help from the teachers.

Seats fitted with black boards to enable children write over them with chalk pieces, story books arranged in racks built in the shape of birds, elephants, etc., small chairs to seat children, learning equipment designed in the shape of sports material, play equipment like slides, swings etc. are some of things the bus is filled with.

The bus also carries with it, teachers to conduct the activities and guide the children, staff to run the bus and help unload and arrange the equipment and clean up and load it back onto the bus.


The bus tours interior villages, settlements etc on all the days of the week except friday. It is parked in a place convenient for the children. On seeing it children who are playing around without going to school, would rush to the bus and slowly get involved in the various activities possible within the bus or with the equipment unloaded from the bus and arranged out in the open.

On account of the various activities that are introduced to them using stories, games, songs etc, under the guidance and supervision of the teachers who travel along with the bus, the children slowly start getting interested in learning. In addition, the activities like reading stories, listening to stories, playing different roles in small plays designed for this purpose improve their concentration, expression and self confidence which slowly lead to an increased interest in learning. Children would then be encouraged, convinced and sent to a nearby government school.

The bus keeps going to a specific spot till the children around get interested in going to school, which may take anytime from a few weeks to a few months. After completing the task at a place, the bus moves over looking for a new place where its services are needed.

They made it possible

A strong desire to run a school on wheels, nurtured by chetana for many years, came true in the year 2003, through the initiative taken by Rotary Club Governors Sri Vadlamani Ravi and Mrs Rajyalakshmi. Rotary club Nevada city, through Rotary club Guntur Aadarsh has donated the bus.

Dr. Chowdary from England helped in acquiring the equipment and play tools in the bus.

Dr. Tella Nalini and Dr. Venkat have pitched in their contribution towards the regular maintenance expenditure.

All this was enabled by the unforgettable efforts of Nannapaneni Ayyanna Rao who was instrumental in brining all these contributors into the family of chetana.

Funds - Sources/Usage


  • Revenue

    The revenue costs involved in running this entity include Daily - Diesel for the bus, allowances to driver, conductor, helper and staff; Monthly - salaries to driver, conductor, helper, teachers, stationery for the use of teachers and children; Annual - bus servicing and overhaul.
  • Capital

    Capital costs include expenditure incurred on replacing worn out furniture and equipment, worn out parts for the bus.

Sources of Funds

Our source of funds for running this entity include contributions made by individuals and organisations (one time as well as repetitive).

You can Help

We need support to enable us continue this effort. In our endeavour to keep the overall organisation running, on account of paucity of funds, we do sometimes put this on hold for a short period, so as to accommodate other urgent activities which cannot be sidelined. Contributions for revenue expenses would enable us to keep this activity moving on and cover more and more places so as to drive more and more children into schools.

The following would be some kinds of contributions one may make.

₨ 15000
$ 250
Provides for the fuel expenses of the bus for a month.
₨ 8000
$ 150
Provides the services of a teacher in the bus for a month.
₨ 6000
$ 125
Provides the services of the bus driver for a month.
₨ 5000
$ 100
Provides the services of the bus conductor for a month.
₨ 4000
$ 80
Provides the services of a helper for a month.
₨ 4000
$ 80
Provides for stationery costs for a month.
Provides for purchasing equipment and other amenities.
Goes into the corpus fund deposited in banks, interest on which is only utilised (for the purpose specified, if the contributor so specifies)

Listen/Tell - We Will

You can also write to us asking us about anything you wish to know about this project, giving suggestions for improvising on our efforts, sending us a word of encouragement or just about anything you feel is relevant to chetana.