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Send a Letter

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart - Phyllis Theroux.

The feel generated by a communication (a phone call, a letter, a message, a greeting card etc.,) consisting of something that interests us, almost all of us would have had a taste of it.

To write is human, to receive a letter: Divine! - Susan Lendroth.

To people who have no one, a communication received, generates a feeling that they are cared for and have a place in this society and are not abandoned. It satisfies a beings emotional need which is far more stronger than its material needs.

An inspired letter can be as riveting as a stare. It can move us to tears, spur us to action, provoke us, uplift us, touch us. Transform us. When written from the heart, letters are dreams on paper, wishes fulfilled, desires satisfied. letters can be powerful - Alexandra Stoddard, Gift of a Letter.

Write to Kids at Chetana

Chetana project includes two full fledged schools conducting classes from primary to Xth standard. One caters to the needs of children from nearby villages and the other to the needs of child laborers. There are more than 1500 children in all in both the schools together. There's a children's village, providing a home to more than 200 orphans.

You can write a message, a story, a poem, a song etc., to the children in general to motivate, inspire and encourage them to have a dream, to set goals and strive towards achieving them. Children at the orphanage would love to read such communications addressed to them.

We do not discriminate children based on anything other than age and gender. It is our sincere request that such a discrimination in the message is avoided.

Write to Elders at Chetana

Chetana project apart from the schools and the children's village also includes, an old age home, a B.Ed college and many other small entities conducting activities that would help women and young people to become self reliant.

The staff working in the schools, the children's village and in relation to the various other activities at Chetana, the youngsters taking up vocational training, elderly women who get counselled and trained to cope with disturbances in their lives, old people in the old age home are the ones who make up the family of chetana apart from the children.

You can write a message, a story, a poem, a song, your experience to motivate, inspire and encourage them.

Write to Us

Though not directly addressed to the administrators, we consider the letters written to the children or elders at Chetana, to be an equivalent of a pat on our back, assuring us that what we are doing is helpful. Yes, we do get motivated, encouraged and inspired by those letters.

Additionally, you may write to us, giving us suggestions, telling us your experiences, or just about anything that you think would help us in doing what we are trying to do in a better way. Yes even a small word of encouragement.