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Why we need Support

Chetana charity was set up with an intent to do whatever we can with whatever resources we can pool up by our efforts from within the organisations (schools) that we ran.  As we started moving forward, we did realise that it would be impossible for us to confine our scout for funds to the precincts of our organisation.,

There are many charitable activities with varying financial costs, carried on at chetana. Our need for support can be better explained and understood with respect to the needs of one of the prime activities School for child laborers.

Needs/Situations are dynamic

While embarking on our initial charitable activity, by setting up a free school for child laborers, we took into consideration, only the costs of conducting the school (maintenance, staff costs etc). On our first step itself we had to accommodate additional costs for providing mid day meal, books, stationery and uniform.

Though it was a sudden unanticipated financial load we had to carry, we moved forward with the conviction that as long as we wish to do good, our needs would be taken care of. How? That we neither knew nor thought of. And we do keep getting help one way or the other, from one corner or the other, to enable us to keep rolling on, though with some compromises many a times.

Saying a No is a Na

It would not be possible to have a prior idea of how many children need such a help.  Thus, we make a general statement, that we would help child laborers to take up schooling.

It would thus be our responsibility to accommodate all those who come forward with a request for help. The last thing that we would wish to say is, sorry we cannot accomodate.

We try, try and try to accommodate all the children who come forward.  This naturally would shoot up our need for funds.

We > I/Us

After we started our endeavour, we encountered many who came forward to pitch in some sort of help or the other, even without our putting forward a formal request for help and even without our letting them know that we do need help. Those who have helped us consisted of both those who knew us earlier and those who did not know us till that point of time and were just moved by seeing or coming to know of whatever efforts we have been making.

When there are people who derive satisfaction by standing by those who are doing good, wouldn't it be our responsibility to let know that we are in need of support and their contributions would be most welcome.

Ways to support us